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50 Internet must-haves in creative work

50 Internet must-haves in creative work

Creative work very often appears to be specific and consists of several forms and stages, depending on who and to what extent does it. In order for the work to run smoothly and yield the best results, you need clear heads, excellent skills, relevant ideas and … standards. Hold on a second… – standards? In the place where artistic chaos rules and ideas whirl not only in the heads but also on numerous paper pages or countless strangely-named files? Exactly!

Setting a standard or the best work practices is a key factor during each stage, also in creative work. This ideal state is easier to achieve when we have access to tools suited to our individual needs, which will not only allow us to create better but also show the effects of our creative work in a more interesting manner. In this regard, we have selected 50 online tools which not only allow us to use our creative potential and the digital space to the maximum but also help organize tasks better and thoroughly analyze their effects.


  1. Brand 24

It is one of the most popular applications for the monitoring of the Internet and social media. Created in Poland, the application helps evaluate the effectiveness of brand communication worldwide.


  • you can obtain detailed information about your audience;
  • the analysis gives you feedback helpful in communication;
  • your clients will get involved more easily;
  • you can find perfect influencers;
  • the sales will increase;
  • the brand image will be protected;
  • you will be able to analyze the activities of your competition;
  • you know what people say about your brand, and where it is said, as well.


  1. Facebook Live

In the era of omnipresent streaming, Facebook offers a tool that enables us to connect with the audience and prospective clients using live coverage.


  • publishing engaging video content using the largest social medium in the world;
  • receiving useful tips regarding techniques of creating exciting and effective video material life;
  • thanks to living coverage, you get closer to your audience and authenticate your brand communication;
  • you gain new fans and broaden your outreach.


  1. Hot jar

It is an all- in -one tool that analyses activities of a brand on its standard and mobile- website. It allows you to obtain a detailed analysis and returns with specified feedback.


  • learning about the behavior of your website visitors, based on the in-depth and clear analysis;
  • at your disposal, you have a detailed map of all interactions on the website;
  • you can recruit testers;
  • you will take advantage of the knowledge acquired in communication and develop your brand.


  1. Pablo

This tool is exceptionally easy to operate. It allows you to quickly generate neat and consistent graphics for social media.


  • in a few simple steps  you select a photo, font, and filter;
  • you can easily add the text and logo of the brand;
  • it facilitates the involvement of social media in a straightforward way.


  1. BuzzSumo

The tool called BuzzSumo is real ‘brains’ that can search the most shared and liked content for given topics. If you are searching for inspiration to create unique content, this tool is perfectly suited to that purpose.

You will be able to:

  • quickly learn about new trends in a given subject area;
  • plan your content based on the most popular contents;
  • create effective content;
  • find influencers matching the communication.


  1. Hootsuite

It’s a smart and easy to use application that allows you to manage all accounts in various social channels.

You can:

  • operate all your accounts from the level of one application;
  • gain tools for effective management;
  • receive the analysis of activities in real time;
  • safeguard your accounts from hacker attacks.


  1. UberFlip

This tool works like a cloud aggregating content from varied channels

You will:

  • easily create and post various contents related to the brand;
  • create a hub – a center of activities where you gather photos, videos, social channels, brands, e-books etc.;
  • generate leads;
  • increase involvement using AI;
  • obtain detailed information regarding users.


  1. Twitter Ads/ Facebook Business/ LinkedIn Ads/ Instagram advertising

Tools designed for advertising in social media allow you to reach clients from the level of various social channels.

You can:

  • easily create sponsored contents related to the channel;
  • clearly, define your target group and precisely reach it with your message;
  • gain a wide range of advertising forms;
  • achieve image and sales goals;
  • talk to individual clients or B2B.


  1. Google Alerts

A simple tool for monitoring reference regarding a given brand in various Internet contents.


  • in a fast and straightforward manner, you can monitor all mentions regarding the brand;
  • notifications with links to the reference sources are sent to your e-mail inbox;
  • content is created more easily (especially real-time marketing);
  • you are quick to respond to your recipients’ needs.


  1. Behance

The most popular and most prestigious service dedicated to creative work. It’s a perfect place for seeking creative inspiration or talented freelancers.


  • becoming familiar with the works of fascinating artists;
  • making new contacts and inviting them to cooperate;
  • being able to find a perfect benchmark;
  • getting a chance to promote your work and personal brand;


  1. Gravit

it’s an excellent tool for editing and creating vector and raster graphics, which is additionally linked to a cloud.

You can:

  • create even more advanced graphics fast;
  • share your works more easily;
  • have just one account and a plethora of free designing tools;
  • gain room for your projects in a cloud.


  1. Hex Naw

This is the end of hurdles regarding contrast and the availability of colors – it’s a tool that enables you to easily test the color system.


  • the color system can be easily analyzed;
  • you can determine whether your chosen color matches the color palette of the brand;
  • you can check whether the contrast is right.


  1. FontReach

This tool checks which fonts are the most popular on the Internet at a certain time.

You can:

  • easily analyze the fonts of your interest;
  • choose the font suitable to the brand;
  • be sure that the font you have chosen is trendy and matches your brand needs;


  1. Unsplash

It’s a platform where you can find new and free high-quality photos on a daily basis. The artistic style of the photos is far cry from stock photography clichéd style, which can usually be encountered in free photo banks.

You can:

  • access it free of charge;
  • avail of the bank with brilliant and creative photographs;
  • contact the community of photographers.


  1. Twenty20

It is a real library of free and unposed photos. It will come in handy if you are looking for photographic authenticity for your projects.


  • ease of access to free photos;
  • you will be able to find authentic and unposed shots on various topics;
  • you can choose from an extensive bank of works of over 300k photographers.


  1. Stocksy

It’s a prestigious bank with supreme quality and creative photos and videos. Although you are charged for them, they are worth their price.

You will:

  • be able to choose from an extensive base of unique works in a reportage fashion;
  • gain genuine material;
  • stand out from the competition.


  1. Yellow Images

It’s a large base of modern mock-ups, renders, and 360° graphics with a wide editing field.


  • you have a rich selection of mock-ups under various products;
  • when buying the graphics, you gain access to various functions;
  • you can use tried and tested, high-quality material.


  1. Death to Stock Photos

It’s a library of photos and videos that creatively drive your projects. They come to you on their own, straight to your e-mail inbox.


  • you can access a high-quality material base;
  • you gain material set in trends;
  • each month you receive a free set of photos sent to your e-mail.


  1. Icons8

It’s a large base of various icons, created for all operating systems

You can:

  • access nearly 60.000 free icons;
  • choose from different formats, shapes, and colors;
  • influence the shape of the base, giving feedback to the web community.


  1. Pictaculous

Are you contemplating the perfect choice of colors? Pictaculous is a generator of color palettes. All you need to do is upload the photo for analysis.

You can:

  • upload your photo and, in a few seconds, you can find out which colors match it;
  • perfectly choose the colors for your projects;
  • always create cohesive projects in chosen color palettes.


  1. Polarr

If you are looking for an easy to operate and free photo editor compatible with different operating systems, Polarr is a bulls-eye.


  • editing photos fast and easily;
  • access to an extensive function base;
  • getting original filters.


  1. Dribbble

It’s a very popular and inspiring website for graphic designers. There they share the progress of their works and give feedback.

You can:

  • gain access to an extensive base of projects;
  • consult your works with the community of designers;
  • find a perfect graphic designer to cooperate with.


  1. The League of Moveable Type

It’s a tool that will help you cut out the perfect font for the project or a brand. It’s a base with high-quality free fonts that can be downloaded on your computer hassle-free.


  • access to original free fonts;
  • on the subscription to the newsletter, you receive interesting articles;
  • you will acquire knowledge of creating and using fonts.


  1. Designspiration

This tool is like Pinterest for designers. Here you will find a high dose of supreme-quality inspirations.


  • access to a large base of graphics gems;
  • you will find inspiration and benchmarks;
  • you can show your own works and create your own collections of projects.


  1. Powtoon

It’s an excellent, and most of all free tool for creating animations and inspired presentations.

You will

  • receive a simple tool, which is easy to use;
  • be able to create involving animations and presentations fast;
  • have access to a large base of completed projects.


  1. Coverr

If you are looking for free and beautiful clips for your projects – you should definitely avail of Coverr.


  • high-quality clips are easily accessible;
  • you can search for video material in current topics;
  • availability of beautiful and original videos.


  1. Pexels Video

It’s a large base of good quality free video clips which can be used in different projects.


  • you can access high quality thematic video material;
  • clips can be randomly edited;
  • the video can be used for private and commercial purposes.


  1. Mitch Martinez

4K films free of charge? Check out the perfect place where you can find free video material in 4K.


  • access to a base of artistic clips;
  • supreme quality material at your disposal;
  • you can take advantage of the knowledge and specialist advice.


  1. Animoto

Do you need video material to be edited fast? With Animoto, you will be able to edit your videos easily and effectively.


  • in a simple way, you will create an original video that can be shared on social media and the Internet;
  • you choose your style, music, and add photos and fragments with captions;
  • new contacts – since you are a community member.


  1. Loom

It is a tool for fast jotting down of thoughts – instead of writing, you record a video which can be shared and played back straightaway.


  • saving your time, paper and energy;
  • your ideas are gathered in an interesting and involving form;
  • you can watch the video straightaway, in the place where it was posted.


  1. Google Docs

This tool is the most popular cloud, where you can work individually or in a team, on assorted types of files. It has basic word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programmes.


  • you create texts, which can be commented on and corrected on an ongoing basis;
  • by making the file available for the clients, you can correct it very quickly;
  • all your texts are stored in a capacious and secure cloud.


  1. WordPress

WordPress is already a standard in the industry. It is a system for editing and managing blog posts and websites. It’s simple and intuitive to operate.


  • you can create beautiful informative pages, online-shops, blogs, and websites;
  • at your disposal are simple tools for managing texts and comments;
  • your publications can be formatted cohesively and easily;
  • an unlimited number of plugins and extras.


  1. Jasnopis

This tool is invaluable if you want to check whether your text is comprehensible and without an excessive amount of long and sophisticated words.

You can:

  • easily check the clarity of texts;
  • receive clear feedback and edit the text;
  • create legislation which is always comprehensible, instructions or advertising texts.


  1. Grammarly

It’s an indispensable tool designed to correct spelling, fights errors and typos. It also looks after the punctuation and a few more details. It can work in the browser or directly from the level of Microsoft Office.


  • you check your spelling fast and easily;
  • certainty regarding grammar and word usage;
  • this tool can be integrated with WordPress.


  1. Bear

If you are looking for a good minimalistic and intuitive word editor on iOS – Bear is one of the best of such tools.

You can:

  • edit and format your text quickly and easily;
  • take advantage of many useful functions;
  • use it on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


  1. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Do you ever wonder what emotions in your audience can your text headline evoke? This tool will be able to describe it precisely.

You will:

  • know what kind of emotions your headline evokes;
  • create better and more attention-grabbing headlines;
  • reach your audience better.


  1. Good Copy – well-written texts from the emails of various brands

When working on the text, it is advisable to draw inspiration from the best. Owing to Good Copy you will be able to recognize well- written texts from other brand e-mails.

You will:

  • learn good practices in mailings;
  • derive inspiration from the best;
  • discover new benchmarks;
  • write better texts for your clients.


  1. Daily Page

Nothing develops your workshop better than systematic writing. Daily Page will help you develop the habit of daily writing.


  • getting into the habit of daily writing;
  • you can polish up your workshop;
  • helpful prompts and tips.


  1. Wordoid

Do you need support in creating names? Let me introduce you to the browser that based on the sequence of letters and preferences creates new names and suggests available domains.

You can:

  • access various combinations;
  • quickly receive a good deal of new names;
  • obtain information regarding the availability of domains.


  1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Issues with the best topics regarding engrossing content is a thing of the past. Now you can avail of a true generator of ideas for interesting content.

You will:

  • receive interesting directions regarding the topic;
  • gain a suggestion of a gripping headline;
  • broaden the scope of thinking regarding the topic.


  1. Meme Generator

Who doesn’t take advantage of popular memes in marketing communication? For inspiration and increasing the number of crazy ideas, the meme generator was created. Have fun!

You can:

  • create memes fast and effortlessly;
  • have a useful tool in real-time marketing activities;
  • be sure your content is always current.


  1. Optimizely

Before publishing your website – test it. Optimizely will help you check out which version of the web is the most effective.


  • the effectiveness of algorithms can be easily checked;
  • you get feedback and improve functionality;
  • you can be sure that you choose the effective www version.


  1. Splash That

It’s an excellent platform useful for event marketing activities. With it, you can create an involving website for your event.

You will:

  • gain intuitive tools and prompts;
  • create a website for all devices;
  • effectively promote your event.


  1. Muffin Group

It’s a platform that enables you to create websites for your clients in WordPress on your own.


  • you can use templates, extensive knowledge is not required;
  • benefits from a wide range of possibilities;
  • you create and sell websites on your own.


  1. Best of Themes

This tool allows you to search and store high-quality motives and skins for online services. It offers both free and paid products.


  • access to the base of high-quality products;
  • a source of inspiration and benchmarks;
  • you actively participate in the community of web designers;


  1. Productive app

It’s a tool that facilitates the organization of your working time, as well as your whole day. Thanks to this app, you can learn to develop good habits.


  • access to functions supporting your activities;
  • you will develop good habits and manage your time better;
  • the effectiveness of your work increases.


  1. Noisli

This simple tool helps you select sounds from the available base, in order to create the best working environment for you, and allows you to remain focused and relaxed.

You can:

  • select the sounds individually;
  • create a set that allows you to focus;
  • increase the effectiveness of your work.


  1. Milanote

Milanote is one of the best virtual notepads designed for people who work creatively. Your ideas, notes, and research components will fit in it.


  • all material is in one place;
  • you can arrange your thoughts and see common points;
  • the creative process is more effective.


  1. Cold Turkey

Something distracts you from work? With Cold Turkey, it will be much easier for you to concentrate. It’s a tool that blocks all possible distractors so that you can focus on your work.


  • plenty of personalized functions;
  • you are able to concentrate and create better working conditions;
  • your work is more effective.


  1. One Big Thing

Each day brings new challenges, and One Big Thing helps you take up one of them and carry it through.


  • you set major and minor goals;
  • app functions get you involved and remind you about your task;
  • the most important task of the day can be completed more easily.

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