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50 Internet must-haves in management

50 Internet must-haves in management

Management is no mean feat. It involves dutifulness, work integrity, and balance. No matter whether you manage your own time, a project, team or the whole company – you want to do it well and efficiently. Luckily, the Internet offers a wide range of useful tools that will lighten your load of superfluous tasks and let you organise each project or work in the best possible way. See how you can effectually focus, draw up a project, assign tasks, check the usage of time and budget, as well as the effectiveness of performed jobs.


Check them, especially if you work in the following positions:

  •     Project manager
  •     Traffic manager
  •     Blogger
  •     Vlogger
  •     Influencer
  •     Freelancer
  •    Company owner

Focusing on tasks


  • Self-control

It’s a free app for Mac which allows you to avoid distracting web pages. On creating a list and clicking, you have no access to the major distractors.


  •        you create your own list of distracting websites,
  •        by one click, the websites are blocked for a selected period,
  •        you can concentrate on tasks and save time.


  1. Freedom

This tool is one of the most popular social channel, website and application blockers.  It is compatible with Mac and Windows, and its basic version is free of charge.

You can:

  •        block distracting content quickly and easily,
  •        use Freedom on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone,
  •        avail of a wide range of paid functions.


  1. Timeneye

It’s an excellent tool for so-called ‘time-tracking’. If you want to know how much time you spend on your tasks, you can check it on an ongoing basis.


  •        you always know how much time you will need for a given task,
  •        your work is more effective,
  •        projects can be easily evaluated on an hourly basis.


  1. Rescue Time

Have you ever wondered how much time you really spend on browsing Internet content? Now you will know exactly. Rescue Time is a measuring device of what you do on your computer.

You will:

  •        always know how much time you spend on specific sites,
  •        get to know your regular habits,
  •        be able to better plan your time spent on a given device,
  •        have a free tool working on all platforms.


  1. Toggl

It’s one of the most popular time-trackers or tools for measuring the time of a performed task.


  •        saving time and increasing productivity,
  •        having a tool for working on all platforms,
  •        the free version gives you access to the majority of functions.


  1. Kill News Feed

You have to work on Facebook, but you get distracted by messages from your friends? Owing to this browser extension, you can disable displaying pages and your friends’ posts and focus on your task.

You can:

  •        turn off the FB news feed for the duration of your work,
  •        focus on your work,
  •        save time.


  1. IFFT

IFFT works based on the so-called ‘applets’, which allow the communication of devices and services that normally do not cooperate. Thanks to that smart tool, you will be able to automate different activities and integrate them into one.


  •        the device functions can be easily automated,        
  •        the activities of various apps can be integrated,
  •        your work is more effective.


  1. QWILR

With the help of this tool, you will create an offer or various documents required for business fast and easily. Standard PDF files can be converted into interactive mobile websites.

You can

  •        get a clear and functional tool,
  •        create professional documents on your own,
  •        save time.


  1. Productive app

Not only can this tool help you organize your working time, but also your whole day.

This device will also help you develop good habits.

You will

  •        be able to access functions supporting your activities,
  •        develop good habits and manage your time better,
  •        increase work effectiveness.


  1. One Big Thing

Each day brings new challenges, and One Big Thing helps you take them on and carry through one of them.


  •        you can set the major and minor goals,
  •        app functions keep you involved and remind you about your task,
  •        the most important task of the day can be carried out more easily.


  1. Milanote

Milanote app is one of the best virtual notepads designed for people working creatively. It will store ideas, notes, and research components.


  •        all your material is stored in one place,
  •        you can arrange your thoughts and see common points,
  •        the creative process is more effective.


Project and task management


  1. Asana

It’s a free, top-shelf tool, and one of the most popular projects management programmes. If you are on the lookout for an effective platform dedicated to teamwork, this one is the bull’s eye.

You will

  •        have a free tool for running projects,
  •        be able to follow the work progress,
  •        maintain contact with your team in one place.


  1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a developed tool for project management. It will prove excellent with large and complex tasks, and where teamwork is involved.


  •        all your project is in one place,
  •        you can organize your threads clearly and straightforwardly,
  •        you will be notified of changes.


  1. Active Collab

This easy-to-operate tool helps you manage your projects fast and effortlessly. Consult your team and carry out your project as you see fit.


  •        the whole project is in one place,
  •        you strictly cooperate with the team,
  •        your project is carried out based on the so-called ‘to-dos’.


  1. IC Project

If you are looking for a complete management tool– this Polish product will definitely meet your most demanding requirements.

You will

  •        own a clear and simple tool,
  •        have access to multiple functions,
  •        manage projects and resources from one place.


  1. Nozbe

It’s an experienced player in the project management app market. It works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

You can:

  •        effectively manage your projects and team,
  •        carry out projects successfully,
  •        increase productivity.


  1. Proof Hub

If you manage a big brand, a large team and a great number of projects – this tool is right on the money. Dedicated to great projects, Proof Hub ensures a high level of data protection.


  •        cooperation with many people and teams,
  •        you can check the progress and effectiveness of tasks,
  •        your data and material are secure


  1. Projecturf

A project can be successful when it is well carried out and fits in the defined time frame and budget. This tool will let you control the shape of the project at each stage.

You can:

  •       check the time and budget on an ongoing basis,
  •       manage the team and work,
  •        in the basic version, manage even as many as 10 projects.


  1. Assembla

This application is designed chiefly for web developers. It enables effective communication with the client, investor or subcontractor, and helps effectively manage internal tasks.

You can:

  •        quickly and effortlessly organize the work,
  •        remain linked to Dropbox,
  •        work with the team in Cloud.


  1. Kanban Tool

This tool is a real treat, especially for freelancers managing large projects, who need effective communication of thoughts with clients and subcontractors.


  •        you have a virtual board for management,
  •        your work can be capably monitored,
  •        projects can be carried out successfully.


  1. Google Docs

Google documents is a robust toolbox, handy for any type of work. It allows you to create a text file, spreadsheet, and prepare a presentation.


  •        all your files are stored in one place,
  •        you can share files with others,
  •        you can work online.


File management, sending them to clients, material storage


  1. Smash

This tool enables unlimited file hosting. Furthermore, Smash is free of charge and pleasant to the eye.

  •        files can be loaded and sent fast,
  •        content can be previewed before it’s downloaded,
  •        you can easily exchange files with the team/client.


  1. 123apps

If you need to crop a file or change its format– you have a simple tool at your disposal. You can convert files, crop audio, and video and register the voice.

You can:

  •        easily change the audio/video file format,
  •        adjust files on your own,
  •        unpack compressed material.


  1. IrfanView

It’s a type of 1’000 functions in 1’ tool, perfect for multitaskers. In this browser you can change the name, size, and format of graphics; you can add a filter or watermark.

You will

  •        own a tool that is easy to operate,
  •        quickly change file properties,
  •        save time.


  1. Online file converter

File conversion is not rocket science, especially when you have a free tool at your disposal, which can change the format of graphics, video, audio and other files.


  •        you can convert files on your own,
  •        files can be easily adjusted to your needs,
  •        work is more effective.


  1. WeTransfer

Sending large-size files is no longer an issue. With WeTransfer, you will be able to send files up to 2GB for free.


  •        files are sent via a link or e-mail,
  •        you can send material securely,
  •        in the paid version, you can send files up to 20GB.


  1. Small PDF

If you often work on pdf files, you should use this simple and convenient converter.


  •        you can easily change the pdf file format,
  •        various pdf files can be combined into one,
  •        the right file is always close at hand.


  1. iCloud

iCloud is a standard, not just for the fans of Apple solutions. The cloud-connected with a robust toolbox is a perfect place for work and file storage.


  •        you work on a file online,
  •        you can cooperate with a team,
  •        all your files are stored in one place.


  1. Dropbox

It’s a platform where you can create and simultaneously organize your work. Dropbox can be adjusted to your individual needs and synchronized on all devices.


  •        files can be stored and synchronized,
  •        you can cooperate with others,
  •        it’s a safe storage place for your works.


Marketing tools


  1. Add this

If you aim at increasing conversion, you should try out a set of tools that can be found on this platform.

You can:

  •        use a set of efficient tools,
  •        develop your websites,
  •   involve the community.


  1. Ubersuggest

It’s a handy tool for anyone who works in the marketing sector. It facilitates the quick search for keywords relating to a sought phrase.

You will:

  •        always find suitable keywords,
  •        support SEO, PPC, and content marketing activities,
  •        develop brand communication.


  1. Hunter

It’s a tool that enables you to easily search e-mail addresses based on a given website.

You can

  •        easily find necessary contacts,
  •        sort things out speedily,
  •        win new clients.


  1. SumoMe

What can you do to increase and automate traffic on your website? This tool knows the answer and gives it to you free of charge.


  •        your website traffic rises,
  •        the website works more effectively,
  •        your business is successfully developed.


  1. HelloBar

If you are looking for straightforward but indispensable tools for increasing conversion– Hello Bar is a perfect choice.


  •        you can increase conversion yourself,
  •        your business develops,
  •        users become your clients.


  1. Typeform

For a marketing specialist, opinions or customer experience is the key to success. Get to know them by creating beautifully-designed forms.

  •        you can quickly create a professional form,
  •        by asking people’s opinion, you acquire knowledge,
  •        your work is more effective.


  1. BuzzSumo

The tool called BuzzSumo is a real genius that searches for the most willingly shared and liked content regarding specified topics.


  •        you can quickly learn new trends in a given subject area,
  •        contents can be planned based on the most popular ones,
  •        you can create effective content,
  •        influencers matching your communication can be easily found.


  1. Google Alerts

It’s a simple tool for monitoring mentions regarding a given brand in various Internet contents.


  •        in a fast and effortless way, you can monitor all mentions regarding the brand,
  •        notifications with links to sources of mentions are sent to your e-mail,
  •        content can be created more easily (especially RTM),
  •        you can swiftly respond to your audience’s needs.


  1. Sywork

Are you inspired by creative work? You can have a sneak peek! Due to Sywork, you can watch the progress of illustrators’ work live.

You will

  •        draw inspiration and knowledge,
  •        gain useful tips,
  •        be able to compare creative process.


  1. Canva

Who does not sometimes need really well-prepared graphic material? Now you can easily create infographics, presentations or graphics for social media on your own.


  •        access to ready templates,
  •        each template can be freely changed,
  •        you can use a browser and an iPad app.


  1. Website Grader

It’s a free internet tool that will check your website regarding key indicators e.g. SEO, readability on mobile devices or security.


  •        you type in the web address and e-mail,
  •    an analysis is sent to your e-mail straightaway,
  •    you can draw conclusions and make corrections.


  1. Kap

More often than not, a screenshot can work miracles. The question is: how should it be animated to show a larger excerpt of material? Kap is a tool that will efficiently capture the needed fragment.


  •        effortlessly create an animated screenshot,
  •        adjust it to your needs,
  •        use it quickly.


Acquiring knowledge


  1. Primer

If you are looking for a trusted source of information regarding business and marketing – this tool will secure its position among the most interesting applications.

You can:

  •        avail of valuable tips on a daily basis,
  •        quickly read short and engrossing articles,
  •        constantly develop your competences.


  1. Masterclass

A good marketing specialist or PM is someone who has vast knowledge. Masterclass series are inspiring lessons in various fields of expertise. They are conducted by real masters.

You can:

  •        watch high-end material,
  •        broaden your knowledge of chosen topics,
  •        watch world-class masters.


  1. TED

TED Talks are world-famous lectures by inspiring specialists in assorted fields. They are at your fingertips, in the form of video or conferences that are held very often.

You can:

  •       avail of inspiring content,
  •        learn interesting mechanisms,
  •        get an urge for changes.



You do not necessarily want to change your job, but sometimes need to tackle the graphics quickly? A dash of skills will always be of benefit to you, and Kursownik offers free courses on the basics of graphic designing.

You will:

  •        learn the basics at a time convenient for you,
  •        be able to deal with simple corrections on your own,
  •        acquire essential knowledge on designing.


  1. Growth Hacker TV

This platform is a sheer treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge on business and marketing. The knowledge is passed on by experienced start-up creators.

You will:

  •        learn the history of start-ups,
  •        gain valuable knowledge,
  •        receive useful hints and tips.


  1. Facebook Design

A Facebook project team share their knowledge, ideas, and experience in the form of inspiring articles, video, and other material.

You can:

  •        access precious material,
  •        draw inspiration and benchmarks,
  •        follow the trends.


  1. Blinkist

It’s a tool that gives you summaries of over 2000 non-fiction books, including handbooks or scientific publications. Each month you get 40 new titles in the written and audio form.


  •        in a short time, you will absorb plenty of information,
  •        you can quickly gain valuable thoughts and insights,
  •        your knowledge is broadened effortlessly.


  1. Land book

There’s never enough inspiration, so if you are just working on a landing page project – you should visit this website. Land book is a compilation of excellently-designed and functional landing pages.

You can

  •        draw inspiration and benchmarks,
  •        exchange feedback/remarks,
  •        create your own projects better.


  1. Awwwards

Awwwards are probably the most prestigious awards for websites. Functionality and aesthetics, unique ideas and brilliant effects – you will find everything here.

You can

  •        see the most interesting world-class website designs,
  •        draw inspiration and benchmarks,
  •        develop your websites.


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