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When and how should video marketing be applied?

Using video content in brand communication is a trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Are you wondering if it is cost effective and indispensable for your company? Check how to approach the topic of video marketing based on our article.   Why is it advisable to use video marketing in brand communication? […]

Why content adaptation is as important as content creation?

You have created exceptional content, added attention-grabbing photos and attractive infographics, uploaded it to the Internet and… nothing happens. Why? Is your content poorly written? Unattractive? Unimaginative? Not necessarily. You might not have adjusted it to the channel you’re using. Your recipient might not be able to see it, at all!   These days content […]

DTP – or the taming of the content

Imagine an excellently written article, engrossing, exciting, one that you can’t take your eyes off from the very first sentence. It is written with passion, imaginativeness, and contains practical and unique information useful for your personal development or business purposes. Imagine content that will allow you to be ahead of your competition and gain the […]

5 steps to an ideal corporate video

Video is one of the most popular types of content availed of by internet users. Movie teasers or trailers, vlogs, reviews, and commercials… Will corporate films have a chance to appear among the most viewed ones? Yes-  but only if they are involving and interesting enough.   A corporate video – why is it worthwhile? […]

How do you develop digital solutions? Creatively!

Medicine, digital and modern technologies are the fastest developing areas these days. They are abundant in new and increasingly advanced solutions. They surprise us, and simultaneously improve our quality of life. The success of most of them depends on… creativity.   We are living in the times of triumphing creativity, and owing to technology we […]

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