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Augmented reality in retail

Online shopping has a great advantage over the traditional form of shopping. It allows you to make a purchase whenever and wherever you want, without the necessity of wasting your time on shopping around. Nonetheless, the traditional form of shopping has one basic merit. It allows you to see products with your own eyes, and physically […]

50 Internet must-haves in management

Management is no mean feat. It involves dutifulness, work integrity, and balance. No matter whether you manage your own time, a project, team or the whole company – you want to do it well and efficiently. Luckily, the Internet offers a wide range of useful tools that will lighten your load of superfluous tasks and […]

50 Internet must-haves in creative work

Creative work very often appears to be specific and consists of several forms and stages, depending on who and to what extent does it. In order for the work to run smoothly and yield the best results, you need clear heads, excellent skills, relevant ideas and … standards. Hold on a second… – standards? In […]

It’s all about the right video format

What is a cinemagraph? Is live streaming cost effective? When is the best time to film a tutorial? Learn about the most popular types of video and animation and achieve your marketing goals!     Increase in sales   Did you know that according to people who saw the product video beforehand were more […]


As a project manager, I’m very keen to use methods for organizing work which get the job done while keeping the team energized and engaged. If you’re in a similar situation, maybe you would benefit as much as I did from applying the Scrum framework to your projects. Here are some takeaways based on my […]

Some personal takeaways from Internet Beta 2017

This autumn, our Premedia team hit Poland’s biggest marketing and technology conference: Internet Beta. It’s the place to be for people from advertising, digital agencies, software houses and start-ups. Attracting over 500 investors, managers, leaders, and followers from marketing and innovation, it took place over 3 days and featured 92 speakers.     The hottest topics were […]

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