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Market trends & innovation

Augmented reality in retail

Online shopping has a great advantage over the traditional form of shopping. It allows you to make a purchase whenever and wherever you want, without the necessity of wasting your time on shopping around. Nonetheless, the traditional form of shopping has one basic merit. It allows you to see products with your own eyes, and physically […]

50 Internet must-haves in creative work

Creative work very often appears to be specific and consists of several forms and stages, depending on who and to what extent does it. In order for the work to run smoothly and yield the best results, you need clear heads, excellent skills, relevant ideas and … standards. Hold on a second… – standards? In […]

How do you develop digital solutions? Creatively!

Medicine, digital and modern technologies are the fastest developing areas these days. They are abundant in new and increasingly advanced solutions. They surprise us, and simultaneously improve our quality of life. The success of most of them depends on… creativity.   We are living in the times of triumphing creativity, and owing to technology we […]

How to enhance printed magazine with the modern technology

These days an increasing number of people are using tablets and touch-screen devices. The mobile revolution has quickly taken over all areas of life – including the publishing market. Virtually all popular magazines nowadays have their digital equivalents. However, the traditional medium is doing quite well. Colourful, print-fragrant magazines still rule the show in waiting […]

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