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How to make LinkedIn Ads generate sales for you

How to make LinkedIn Ads generate sales for you

If you are in the B2B sector, then you should also use LinkedIn and advertise on it. You can find there a lot of professionals who might be your potential clients.

In this article, we are about to present you the most effective practices and tricks as far as ads on LinkedIn are concerned.

Of course, some people would say at this moment – “Why would I even bother advertising on LinkedIn, while I can do it on Facebook?”.

Well, of course, you will have higher reach on Facebook, but the thing is – the quality of this reach. It will never be as high as on LinkedIn, especially if you are in B2B.

Many experts agreed with each other that reach about 300 views on LinkedIn might mean much more than 10 000 on Facebook.

Why is that?

People on LinkedIn are professionals and experts who are interested in earning money and spending some cash on things that will help them to earn more.

Statistically – people like them have more money than the others. It means that the average customer value on LinkedIn will be much higher than on every other social media platform, it is really worth bothering.

Okay, let’s get started.

1. Company page

Before you start doing anything on LinkedIn, first you need a company page which is a pretty easy thing to deal with. You just need to click Interests, choose Companies from the menu and on a next page click Create.

In the next step you will need to fill the blankets with the name of your company, an email address then you need to click Continue button. After that, we recommend that you upload your logo and other content that you want to promote.

Your next step will be LinkedIn Ads page. You just need to click Start Now and select the proper ad.

2. Choose proper ad format

There are five ad formats on LinkedIn. The first two are the most popular and effective, however, you should consider all of them.
Text and Image Ad – headline, description and a small image. Not a rocket science. A great asset of ads on LinkedIn is that you can precisely define your target so that you will reach almost only those people who you wish to.

It will make your advertisements way more effective. You will also need to set up your budget for ads. We recommend using this type of ads especially if your target is busy professionals, who don’t have a lot of time and will probably see your ad in a lunch break – while having not a lot of time. That is why your message needs to be coherent.

Sponsored Content – sponsored content is the other possible kind of ad that you can use on LinkedIn. It can be your company news, promotion, articles relevant to your industry, a SlideShare presentation or a Video. You just need to share them on LinkedIn and then spent some money to promote it on LinkeIn.It is a great way to boost your sales, but also a great way to promote your content that you believe that should have a high reach for whatever other reasons.

Sponsored InMail – it gives you an availability to deliver your sponsored content right into the LinkedIn user inbox. What is interesting it will deliver the message only to the people who are actually active on LinkedIn. It means that it will reach practically only to the people who use their LinkedIn accounts, not to those who only created it once and never bothered to use it again. Personalized messages work really great in this kind of LinkedIn ads. As far as statistics are concerned a nice personalization, in this case, is getting the conversion rates much higher.

LinkedIn Ads

source: LinkedIn

Dynamic Ads – those are very modifiable. You can change a lot of details in it. Starting from the text and finishing on the call to action button. Experts consider this kind of ads to be very effective in building up relationships with the other people on LinkedIn and reminding the audience about your business.

LinkedIn Ads

source: LinkedIn

Display Ads – hey, you want to get in front of them right? You want to show up yourself and let them see you? This kind of ad will to the job. It is great for the early stages of the buying cycle, to make people aware of the fact that you exist and that you have interesting products that will solve the problems of your future clients.

LinkedIn Ads

source: LinkedIn

3. Choose your target

We have already told you that you need to choose your target. You need to do it because it makes your ads much more cost worthy and effective. LinkedIn has insane targeting possibilities and you need to use them.
First of all, you have to know who your client is. You need a persona of a perfect client that you want to reach. You need to know who is the person that will most probably be interested in your products, you have to create a model of this person and target your message to him.
The more you know, the better – how old is he, what are his hobbies, how much does he earn, what does he like and what does he not etc. The more knowledge you will gather the better your ads will be.
Statistics indicate it clearly – creating a buyers persona can boost your sales even 5x times. It will make you able to create an ad which uses the language of your customer, his sense of humor, refer to his values and emotions. If you are aware of what is important for your customer, then you are in a way better position to make him buy something. It really works.

There are two effective ways to create a persona.
The first one is pretty easy. You need to analyze all the metrics that you are measuring. You will probably find there a lot of information about your audience. This method works best if you already have your business for a longer time and so far it works pretty well. However, not everybody is already an owner of the e-commerce business.
For those people who are about to explore areas of the Internet, there is another method. You need to analyze a lot of profiles of potential customers, analyze their hobbies, their needs etc. and look for the patterns. It leaves you more spaces for creativity, but it is a more risky one.

LinkedIn Ads

source: MarketingMojo

4. Managed campaigns or self-service?

You need to choose whether will you advertise using a managed campaign or self-service.
Managed campaigns
In this case, LinkedIn will dedicate you a team that will help you to implement an effective ad campaign. They will help you to make it more visible and effective. They will also help you with proper targeting and personalization of your content. It means that probably this kind of advertising will work out in the best way.
There is also another option – you can launch a LinkedIn campaign by yourself and of course, it is cheaper – so it is a great choice for smaller companies and the people with a smaller budget.
 In this case, you need to set your budget, choose the exact form of your ads and sponsored content using Campaign Manager etc. This option gives you more control over your campaign on LinkedIn.

5. Campaign Manager

Campaign manager will help you to manage and optimize your ads on LinkedIn. It will allow you to design your campaign in the most efficient way.
Its functionality considers 
- visual reports and metrics concerning your ads and sponsored content,
- tools and information that will help you to target your ads and sponsored content in the most efficient way.

LinkedIn Ads

source: Fearg

6. High quality of copy

Good quality of your content is the must-have. It will gain the attention of your readers it will make them read what you have written with an interest, it will make them curious about what you have to tell it will decide whether you seem to be a professional or just a guy who wants to sell something that will come out to be a worthless crap.
You need to show your understanding of your clients’ needs and problems and you also have to show that you are a real expert who is capable of dealing with them. However, remember that being a professional doesn’t mean using hermetical language that is understandable only for the experts.
 If you use industry jargon in your sponsored articles, you need to give a definition of specific words. Of course, if you are sure that experts are your target then the situation is a bit different and of

If you use industry jargon in your sponsored articles, you need to give a definition of specific words. Of course if you are sure that experts are your target then the situation is a bit different and of course you are allowed to use some words that are reserved for the most advanced people – as far as your industry is concerned of course.

LinkedIn Ads

source: The Kapost

7. Interesting images

Images are here to make THEM pay some attention. Of course, we are aware that finding a great photo is not an easy task, especially if you are not a CMO in Microsoft or Apple. However, there are free stock sites in which you can find some decent content for free. 
If you are about to start your first business – remember that you should reinvest most of your earned money into better marketing. It is one of the most important rules for the beginners.

8. Testing

Testing should be always an important part of your marketing. You always need to check if your strategy is effective. You also have to be wide opened for changes. Don’t be overly attached to your actions. If something doesn’t work – simply change it. In case your recent methods work pretty well – you might try something different which might give even better results.

You can always change some details. Of course – remember that the audience sometimes might need some time to get used to changes, so you always give them some time. Don’t get too stressed if you change something and your statistics go down for a moment.

9. Set up your budget

After you are aware to whom you want to talk and how do you want to perform it, then you have to set up your budget.
There are two possible approaches to that:
CPC – cost per click – this one works out better for ad hoc actions, that are calculated for a fast growth of sales, generate leads etc.
 CPM – cos per impression works better if your goal is to grow your brand awareness.
Remember that you can always stop your campaign at any time so that we have to admit that LinkedIn really cares about the comfort of it clients.

10. Additional optimization

Changing your landing page or call to action might be a good idea. You can try a lot of different tricks. Remember that you should always be opened and limited only by your creativity. Remember – sometimes even small changes can make great differences.
That’s all for now. The last thing we can do for you know is to wish you good luck!

That’s all for now. The last thing we can do for you know is to wish you good luck!

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