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It’s all about the right video format

It’s all about the right video format

What is a cinemagraph? Is live streaming cost effective? When is the best time to film a tutorial? Learn about the most popular types of video and animation and achieve your marketing goals!



  • Increase in sales


Did you know that according to people who saw the product video beforehand were more inclined to purchase the promoted product? Their readiness to buy increased even by 85%!


A product video doesn’t always have to be a mere advertising spot. Due to the development of the Internet, consumers are becoming increasingly informed – they can verify functions, price parameters, chemical composition, etc… On top of that, we should add the popular self-service approach (we prefer to search the answer regarding a product online first, on our own, rather than ring the company’s helpline). Now you will understand why various self- help guides are formats so eagerly watched.


Tutorials don’t have to be boring or detailed instructions. They can take the form of a stop motion, fictionalized story, animation etc… They explain the performance of a product, its properties, and sometimes its exceptional functions or novelties that didn’t occur in the previous series.

*” How to…” series on Apple profile on YouTube, demonstrates, in an interesting manner, how to use the manufacturer’s devices.


On shopping websites, product videos can appear in the form of films or animations, which will show products in 360⁰ – from each side and with numerous details. They can also be reviews – filmed by clients themselves or derived from YouTube from the profiles of popular vloggers. It is worth considering cooperation with such influencers and sending them our product to be tested.   



  • Sharing the knowledge


Have you an important message to convey to your clients or shareholders? Financial results, a report on CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility – social responsibility of the business), other statistics of the company or learning content? The video is a very good form of activities creating a positive brand image and its open communication.


To implement this goal, you can apply e.g. a webinar (an online seminar) – a type of seminar, in which owing to webcast technology, anyone interested will be able to participate online. Animated infographics are light and straightforward ways of presenting a set of assorted, and even the most complex data.  



  • Recruiting new employees


Companies often avail of corporate video. It’s a format that simply presents the organization – its goals, values, the way of work, structure, etc… Depending on the profile of a company’s activity, brand identity may have a more laid-back, or in contrast, formal and elegant form.

* A day in the life of… is a series of films about IBM employees, which is an authentic way demonstrate the approach to work-life balance in this company.


The choice of means of expression is up to You, as well. If you care about recruiting young IT programming graduates – the most suitable form may be a video from the office filmed from the POV (Point of View) perspective, where the camera is placed on the cameraman’s head. That can be referred to popular computer games.


Animations and lip dub are more laid-back formats. The latter is a type of video clip, where people participating in it lip-sync (move their lips silently) to the played back music.



  • Increase in the website traffic


Video on a website may not just influence the sales – it is simply an attractive form of content, which makes your website more interesting for users and…is better placed in Internet browsers.


Apart from the above-mentioned video formats or animation, you can also focus on the increase of user experience itself– e.g. due to solutions in motion design. They are supposed to create an impression that the website is more dynamic- e.g. animated loading of photos on the website, mini-interactions (e.g. movable icons or other elements after moving the cursor over them), scrolling the page using the parallax effect.


Videos in the background that open the main page or the so-called cinemagraphs – or subtly looped video making an impression of being constantly in motion are also very common. A part of the cinemagraph is static, and usually, a single element is movable – e.g. a picture of a cup of hot coffee, with the only animated element being the hovering steam. Don’t be afraid of the size of those formats. The formats in which they are saved do not significantly affect the speed of loading the page.

*Why not place a film on the main page of the website that provides films?



  • The development of a company profile in social media


According to Facebook founders, video formats will gradually dominate text or graphic posts. No wonder brands, which have profiles on various social websites, are increasingly often reaching for video and animation.


Live streaming (available on Facebook or YouTube) is another hot trend. If Your company is organizing a major event, you can “invite” your clients or stakeholders to them at their computer screens. Do you want to upgrade the experience quality? Such events can be transmitted in 360⁰ format!



*To feel the atmosphere of Orange Video Fest, all you had to do was join the live 360⁰ streaming.


360⁰ video is also becoming immensely popular on social websites. Imagine that you run a restaurant or a travel office and instead of showing your audience a gallery of static pictures of a holiday resort or premises, you can make them feel as if they were in the center of those events.


When scrolling down Instagram or Facebook, we usually don’t have the time or don’t feel like watching long and involving videos. In this case, the best solution can be short, looped videos (so-called. loops), which due to their light and entertaining format will attract the attention of the audience.


In the era of Snapchat, materials which are … available only once or for a brief period, are also gaining importance.  Thus, they seem to be more exclusive. Consider such forms as Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories, especially if Your brand is addressed to young people deeply involved in using social media.


Has any of the formats caught your eye? We hope Your audience will like it, as well.

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