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brand awareness

What do typography trends have to do with your business?

What do typography trends have to do with your business? Every business has a graphic identity as well as a corporate one. This identity is evident in its logo, colors, font, taglines, and visuals and is conveyed in every communication the business makes. These graphic elements may only be the medium for the business message, […]

Does your brand need custom font? It certainly does!

Brands operating in today’s business environment need a clear and recognisable system of visual identity. A corporate logo, colour scheme or neatly-designed website are an absolute ‘must-have’ of every company. Typography is also an essential, but often overlooked component of corporate traits. Specifically tailored to the brand’s needs, the company’s own custom font can increase […]

Typing up your touchpoints

Decision-makers often underestimated things because they seem obvious, so let’s take a closer look at using touchpoints to communicate with customers. Touchpoints cover both the product or service itself and the channels through which it is communicated. These include the company website, mobile applications, adverts, packaging, social media, printed materials, POS, and outdoor. No matter […]

4 essential rules to become a meaningful brand

Digital era marketers operate in a highly competitive environment. With the number of brands constantly increasing, building solid brand awareness is a real challenge. To earn loyalty among your customers, you need to establish a relationship with them. Customer-focused brands engage In an era of two-way communication, one-way broadcasting is no longer effective. People don’t […]

Your content taken care of [infographics]

If you thrive only when your pipeline is flourishing and new clients pop up every single day…? If you feel like improving your marketing activities or have a hard time reaching the right people with the right message…? If your everyday challenge is the communication with current and future employees or spreading the news about […]

Think custom font! – tricky license aspects

Everyone knows that if something has been written, it’s been written in font. However, not everybody knows that font has been paid for. Even fewer people know important details about what you get when you pay for font. For a start, did you know that when you buy a font from a foundry or distributor, […]

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