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content marketing

8 unbeatable e-commerce promotion tricks

If you want to start your e-commerce business it is not a problem. You just need a nice working site, good products, and nice copy. Let’s suppose that you already have them. Trust us – those are important steps, but the most difficult are promoting your business so your potential clients could buy your products. […]

Essential tips for promoting products

Promoting products using a company blog, expert articles, infographics or YouTube videos is becoming increasingly popular among different brands. And it is right. Content marketing is a perfect way of acquiring new clients, keeping the old ones interested and extending the interaction with the brand. How should we create contents to attract the user’s attention […]

How to become a marketing guru?

It’s just like in an AC/DC’s song – „It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll”. Becoming a marketing guru is not exactly the same as becoming a rockstar, but it has some similarities. It doesn’t mean that you will have „money for nothing and easy chicks for free” it means, that […]

9 tips for awesome content creation for your web publication

We’ve asked Maxim van Oostrum, Customer Success Manager at Instant Magazine, about content creation for web publication. The article below contains his tips on how to engage your audience with awesome content creation: So, you’ve set up the structure for your magazine. You’ve mapped the editorial formula, and selected the templates. Now you’re off to […]

Your content taken care of [infographics]

If you thrive only when your pipeline is flourishing and new clients pop up every single day…? If you feel like improving your marketing activities or have a hard time reaching the right people with the right message…? If your everyday challenge is the communication with current and future employees or spreading the news about […]

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