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customer focused

How to enhance printed magazine with the modern technology

These days an increasing number of people are using tablets and touch-screen devices. The mobile revolution has quickly taken over all areas of life – including the publishing market. Virtually all popular magazines nowadays have their digital equivalents. However, the traditional medium is doing quite well. Colourful, print-fragrant magazines still rule the show in waiting […]

4 essential rules to become a meaningful brand

Digital era marketers operate in a highly competitive environment. With the number of brands constantly increasing, building solid brand awareness is a real challenge. To earn loyalty among your customers, you need to establish a relationship with them. Customer-focused brands engage In an era of two-way communication, one-way broadcasting is no longer effective. People don’t […]

6 tips how to create customer-focused content

They say Content is King, but what they don’t say is what to do to become King. Customer-focused content is the key to raising brand awareness and gaining customer loyalty so you can become content royalty. The first step to the throne is to establish your pedigree by being an expert in some area. The […]

To increase conversion, show your product benefits

A business and a client often see a product from two different perspectives – the business sees the product through its features, the client sees it through its relevance and utility. Most marketers believe that the more product information they provide, the better chances they have of engaging customers and thereby increasing sales. The problem […]

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