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digital publishing

DTP – or the taming of the content

Imagine an excellently written article, engrossing, exciting, one that you can’t take your eyes off from the very first sentence. It is written with passion, imaginativeness, and contains practical and unique information useful for your personal development or business purposes. Imagine content that will allow you to be ahead of your competition and gain the […]

Your content taken care of [infographics]

If you thrive only when your pipeline is flourishing and new clients pop up every single day…? If you feel like improving your marketing activities or have a hard time reaching the right people with the right message…? If your everyday challenge is the communication with current and future employees or spreading the news about […]

How to enhance your digital publishing with animations

A young woman is standing in a landscape and gazing ahead. Flower petals drift slowly from one side of the screen to another. An invisible hand starts drawing the title of your publication and the logo of your company emerges from the background… As the above example illustrates, digital publishing doesn’t necessarily mean static content. […]

Digital Publishing – challenge or opportunity

The term digital publishing probably makes you think of big, prosperous publishing houses who have decided to move their business into the word of mobile publications. Presented with the challenge of going mobile in a smaller company, you might feel lost, especially if you don’t have the support of large sales, marketing, PR and other […]

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