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modular app

Thinking social? Think app

When it comes to events, companies often bet the bank on social media to capture their target’s attention. But a dedicated app could be an even better solution. Let’s find out why. Social media is a popular choice for event organizers and seems to be an easy one too, but often it is made without […]

Modular app – perfect solution for publishers

Your publishing company functions as a single organism: the editorial offices, the management, PR, sales, advertising and production departments are all united for a single purpose – to produce and sell valuable content. Good communication between the various parts of this organism is a key to achieving that purpose. As with any other organism, a […]

Wake up and go mobile – use a modular app

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? If you’re aged between 18 and 44, there’s an 80% chance you check your smartphone. You may not be in this age-group, but if your business targets people who are, you’ve had to readjust their strategy to focus on mobile. If you […]

Apps hold the conference universe together

Think about the last conference you attended. Where did you look for agenda information or session location? Online? At a busy reception desk? Unlikely. Everything was probably right there in your mobile device. A simple, multipurpose application provides the best potential for event management and communications. It allows the organizers to connect with the participants, […]

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