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social media

How to start your business on Facebook

You have business but still don’t promote it on social media? You want to start but don’t really know which platform to choose? You read my recent article and want more information?  Okay, that’s great! Today I will tell something you about Facebook. First of all, as I mentioned earlier, if you are not on […]

8 unbeatable e-commerce promotion tricks

If you want to start your e-commerce business it is not a problem. You just need a nice working site, good products, and nice copy. Let’s suppose that you already have them. Trust us – those are important steps, but the most difficult are promoting your business so your potential clients could buy your products. […]

How to become a marketing guru?

It’s just like in an AC/DC’s song – „It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll”. Becoming a marketing guru is not exactly the same as becoming a rockstar, but it has some similarities. It doesn’t mean that you will have „money for nothing and easy chicks for free” it means, that […]

How to choose the right channel for your video marketing strategy in 5 steps

What do you think when you hear “video marketing”? Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways of telling your brand story or presenting your products. It amplifies your brand recognition and visibility across all digital channels, helping you capture your customer’s attention within a more attractive and engaging form. Video engages in a […]

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