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Typing up your touchpoints

Decision-makers often underestimated things because they seem obvious, so let’s take a closer look at using touchpoints to communicate with customers. Touchpoints cover both the product or service itself and the channels through which it is communicated. These include the company website, mobile applications, adverts, packaging, social media, printed materials, POS, and outdoor. No matter […]

Think custom font! – tricky license aspects

Everyone knows that if something has been written, it’s been written in font. However, not everybody knows that font has been paid for. Even fewer people know important details about what you get when you pay for font. For a start, did you know that when you buy a font from a foundry or distributor, […]

Think custom font – a few reasons to have your own font [infographic]

In business, attracting customers, expanding operations and increasing brand recognition is key. Market leaders are smart, fast and lean: they do the right thing, before their competitors, with minimum cost and maximum results. One tool they use is custom font. Why is that, and should you follow their lead? Branding benefits Having a single tailored-made […]

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