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It’s all about the right video format

What is a cinemagraph? Is live streaming cost effective? When is the best time to film a tutorial? Learn about the most popular types of video and animation and achieve your marketing goals!     Increase in sales   Did you know that according to people who saw the product video beforehand were more […]

When and how should video marketing be applied?

Using video content in brand communication is a trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Are you wondering if it is cost effective and indispensable for your company? Check how to approach the topic of video marketing based on our article.   Why is it advisable to use video marketing in brand communication? […]

5 steps to an ideal corporate video

Video is one of the most popular types of content availed of by internet users. Movie teasers or trailers, vlogs, reviews, and commercials… Will corporate films have a chance to appear among the most viewed ones? Yes-  but only if they are involving and interesting enough.   A corporate video – why is it worthwhile? […]

3 steps to organize a perfect video session

Video is an increasingly popular form of marketing communication, with more and more companies turning to this attractive media to promote their brands. However, when it comes to planning, organizing and managing professional brand movies, the wide range of new technologies poses a challenge, especially when your clients are present on the set. Here are […]

How to choose the right channel for your video marketing strategy in 5 steps

What do you think when you hear “video marketing”? Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways of telling your brand story or presenting your products. It amplifies your brand recognition and visibility across all digital channels, helping you capture your customer’s attention within a more attractive and engaging form. Video engages in a […]

To increase conversion, show your product benefits

A business and a client often see a product from two different perspectives – the business sees the product through its features, the client sees it through its relevance and utility. Most marketers believe that the more product information they provide, the better chances they have of engaging customers and thereby increasing sales. The problem […]

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