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When and how should video marketing be applied?

When and how should video marketing be applied?

Using video content in brand communication is a trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Are you wondering if it is cost effective and indispensable for your company? Check how to approach the topic of video marketing based on our article.


Why is it advisable to use video marketing in brand communication?


A picture is worth a thousand words. It is estimated that video content will equal even 74% of traffic generated online in 2017. Facebook development strategy assumes that by 2020 100% of content on that website may appear in the form of video.


The video is a powerful communication tool which has immense potential for the development of Your company.


  • It increases involvement and builds customers’ trust and confidence in the brand.
  • It helps upsurge traffic on the website – it is a more attractive type of content, which also supports the positioning of Your website.
  • It conveys information better – research shows that customers can recall a marketing message after 3 days in only 10%. The same indicator regarding video equals 65%.
  • It boosts sales – according to, our readiness to purchase a product after watching a video featuring it rises to a whopping 85%;
  • It increases effectiveness:  e-mail marketing – messages with the word ‘video’ in the title have a 19% higher rate of opening and 65% better CTR (Click-Through Rate – a rate of ‘clicks’ for a given ad format in relation to the number of views)


Furthermore, who wouldn’t like to see how a given product works by watching the video rather than reading the text description?


Is video marketing designed for your company?


OFFON Agency research shows that a whopping 73% of Polish companies intend to apply video content in the next 2 years, and 60% of them agree that an animation or video is the form of communication best matching customers’ expectations.


Specialists agree that well-planned and long-term actions as part of a content marketing strategy fetch better results than the implementation of a single video project ad hoc.


Think carefully… Will video or animation certainly be the form matching your company image? Will a standard form of communication be clearer – e.g. is there a point in changing a financial report into an animated infographic. Will it really help shareholders?


Sometimes, despite that all, it’s worth venturing for a non-standard message. For example, Dumb Ways to Die, a color animated film produced for an Australian social campaign by Metro Trains, proved to be a great method of education, and at the same time an online hit.


An advertising agency or a production house – which one should we choose?


Think about what is truly significant to you. Have you devised a specific plan and vision of what you would like to film, and the only missing element is the equipment? You might need a creative idea, the whole communication strategy, and the way to implement it?


Creative competencies are usually available both in agencies and production houses- but the agencies prevail. In advertising agencies, where great ideas spring up, sometimes there is no chance of them being implemented. In such cases, a company avails of the services of a production house which has the proper equipment and service. The more subcontractors, the higher the price of creating a video or animation can be.


In Poland, the market for video services and film production is growing rapidly. Some companies specialize in animations, others in corporate video or instructions. A quick analysis of the market, review of references and portfolio will allow us to get an idea of the offer and brief a few potential buyers.


How to write a good brief for video or animation?


A brief is a type of specification -a document outlining the needs and expectations of a company regarding a provided service. A well-prepared brief markedly facilitates cooperation between You and your supplier. What should it contain?


  1. Target
    Our company must have a specified KPI (Key Performance Indicators – key indicators of effectiveness). How to incorporate our video in the implementation of brand strategy? What is the purpose of your video? Is it geared to improve your brand image, educate, increase the product sales or influx of job applications in your company?
  2. Audience
    Let’s specify: are we addressing our customers, employees, or stakeholders? Let’s focus on their needs.
  3. Budget
    If we know how much we can spend on the implementation of the project, we must share this information with our agency. It is advisable to ask for detailed pricing as early as during the briefing stage or ask for a few price options and solutions.
  4. Image form and tone of communication
    If we are an institution of public trust, our communication will certainly be different from a more laid-back message of a start-up for an entertainment branch. At this point, we should prompt our agency or production house which forms are interesting to us and which ones to avoid. We can also mention possible technical requirements.
  • Work schedule
    Have we any impending deadlines for broadcasting our video? Whether it is a promotional or advertising campaign, or the date of the publication of financial results, the contractor should meet the deadline and propose a schedule that will facilitate effective cooperation, considering possible corrections at each of the stages of project implementation.

5. Success indicators
We respect laid down objectives and link them with indicators of success, which should be evaluated the number of received CVs in the case of recruitment video or increase in sales as for the product film.


Having checked the market of advertising services or film production, we can send a brief prepared in this way to several companies, set a deadline for submitting responses and… we can get the popcorn ready while waiting for the presentation of offers ;).

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